About MAM


I’m Brevyn. I’ve been a huge music fan since around 2011. Through my chance discovery of Siouxsie And The Banshees and Cocteau Twins, along with the excellent amount of online resources for music, I’ve discovered all kinds of great albums over the years, leading to the creation of this blog in 2016 as an effort to put my gathered knowledge to use. I try to include a variety of genres but I have a particular soft spot for the eighties, gothic aesthetics, aquatic sounds and electronic music.

Sometimes I also post about my original music which you can hear on my Bandcamp [linked at the top menu] + Soundcloud.

I’m transitioning to this WordPress version of MAM from a blank slate, but you can find all of my posts from before mid-December 2018 on the original Tumblr here, which I intend to keep updating even if I’ll be focusing on WordPress now.

Please feel free to leave feedback! I appreciate it as I’m always trying to improve this blog.