My RYM account is ~dreamfortress. I’m proud to have over nine hundred favorites on my overall contributions there. I’m grateful that I made the connection with their social media manager ~MarilynRoxie too. Through their promo for both my RYM contributions and my own music, it’s probably the thing that kept my projects from fading into total obscurity by 2018.

I have a good 85% of the music I know over there with too many ratings. Looking for recs? You could always filter my ‘collection’ by a genre or artist to see what I recommend.

Besides using it to catalog what I hear, lists and front page reviews are my main focus on RYM. Here’s the link to my many lists, which cover several topics like I do here. These include:

Genres I’m trying to ‘get into’ – recs very much appreciated

My front page reviews

My closest thing to ‘getting published’. If you’re working on a passion-review for something you love and don’t have a publication for it, RYM is a nice alternative that’s sure to get a small-to-medium handful of users to listen. Know that you shouldn’t expect too much from the response though. In my experience, not one akbyn escaped this site’s terrible problem with downvoting after I reviewed them. (That is, users flocking in with indifferent or low scores once an album gets some attention.)

I don’t love all of these reviews, but I recommend every album in question. Plus, writing and editing these helped give me important practice. Rajie, Luxury Elite, Reni Jusis, La Feline and Toro Y Moi had the likely best results writing-wise.

Fishdoll – Noonsense, 2018

Patrick O’Hearn – Indigo, 1991

Atmosphere Music Library – Atmospherics, 1991

Rajie – Espresso, 1985

Eyeliner – Buy Now, 2015

Luxury Elite – With Love, 2013

Reni Jusis – Magnes, 2006

Maria Usbeck – Envejeciendo, 2019

Glass Candy – B/E/A/T/B/O/X, 2007

Lene Lovich – Shadows And Dust, 2005 (a ‘Halloween special’)

La Feline – Vie future, 2019

Toro Y Moi – Causers Of This, 2010

Sign Libra – Sea To Sea, 2020

Metal Mother – Ionika, 2013

Djavan – Lilás, 1984

Tamaryn – Cranekiss, 2015