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New EP ‘Ocean Flower’ is here!


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You can now hear Ocean Flower in full at the above links! Downloads also include a bonus track “Blue Whale”. Please listen if you can (especially if you liked Liquid Sunlight), it would mean a lot.

Some background:

Ocean Flower was made around July to August of 2018. Obviously, Liquid Sunlight had come out only a month before then, but I made most of that album in mid-2017 so it had been awhile since I last approached that sound. This creative itch was quick to spark up again, though, since I’d already found a whole new set of new age favorites during the period. I also found some great photos of sea anemones, underwater plant life, shoals, etc. and wanted to tap into that kind of colorful, submerged texture (hence this EP’s title).

As a result, Ocean Flower is virtually the same thing only at another angle; while Liquid Sunlight sounds above or beside the ocean, this EP is much more underneath it. The textures I use are similar in places but most songs have a specific, slightly different palette, with lots of recurring ‘signature’ sounds. Mood-wise it’s not as dark-sided as I wanted to explore more neutral, lighter tones; some tracks have some of that loneliness leftover from LS while others are more content and peaceful. Overall I’d say Ocean Flower is both a continuation and a subtle evolution from Liquid Sunlight.

The bonus track “Blue Whale” is something I made back in mid-2016: it has a similar underwater theme, but otherwise it’s quite different, having very little if no new age elements. It’s sound is much slower and subtler and I actually made it with different software. I felt the slightly alternate vibe of it would make for a nice cherry on top of the rest.



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