My Other Voice

cropped shusei nagaoka
Image credit: Shusei Nagaoka, 1982.

Listen here

This mix explores vocals that blur the lines between human and machine through their use of vocoder, phasing and similar techniques.

Key themes: robots, androids/cyborgs, human-machine, retro-futurism, sci-fi, neon, technology, human/machine, 1980s, neon, unfeeling v.s. feeling

Track listing:

  1. GIORGIO MORODER – faster than the speed of love
  2. MIRAGE – lady operator
  3. PARALLELS – dry blood
  4. NUN – burn
  5. MARSHEAUX – what a lovely surprise
  6. STEVE HAUSCHILDT – constant reminders
  7. SPARKS – my other voice
  8. RENI JUSIS – w zwolnionym tempie
  9. KLAUS NOMI – i.c.u.r.o.k.
  10. D A V I C I I – skruszone serce 
  11. oOoOO ft. LAURA CLOCK – without your love
  12. KAITLYN AURELIA SMITH – to follow and lead
  13. MARGARET BERGER – robot song
  14. SANTIGOLD – walking in a circle
  15. GAZELLE TWIN – i am shell i am bone
  16. LOREEN – ’71 charger (strings version)
  17. JANELLE MONAE – cybertronic purgatory
  18. EYELINER – homo electronicus
  19. CHIKISS – dusha

About this mix:

My selections for this playlist aim for a mixture of the classic/recognizable vocoder tones rooted in the late 70s (“Faster Than the Speed of Love”, “I.C.U.R.O.K.”, “My Other Voice”), more recent uses of vocoder (“Lady Operator”, “Constant Reminders”, “71 Charger”) and alternate, though still mechanical/robotic effects – even a bit of weirder autotune (“Skruszone Serce”, “Dusha”)! By combining electronic effects with often-expressive melodies, many of these songs highlight the relationship between ‘feeling’ and ‘lack of feeling’ that sci-fi media (especially involving robots, cyborgs, mechanical beings, etc.) tends to explore, along with electronic music’s potential to convey strong emotion even through cold, simple and/or ‘artificial’ timbres.





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