Addressing my relative hiatus

As it turns out, early October marked five years since I began this blog…! I wanted to post ~something~ to mark this occasion but I got way too caught up in other stuff.

I’m going to get honest with you all now; 2021 feels like another of my most difficult years. That’s the main reason, besides Seahorses’ bizarrely extended cycle, that I posted so much less for these past 11 months.

Beyond that, my difficulty with focusing on new compositions continues from where it began in 2019, as much as I sorely miss letting out my inspiration. As usual, I struggle with finishing my handful of exciting pre-existing drafts too, whether it’s adding to them or the long and boring post-production.

As I mentioned last post, I lost a good chunk of my confidence as a writer. I feel more nervous than ever to express my musical opinions and observations, for various reasons. I’ve felt naive and outmatched often. I guess it’s no surprise this happened as I was turning 21.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have some plans for this blog, I just feel reluctant to promise too much thanks to how behind I became, not to mention my anxiety over the ominous environmental news that stalks us. Plus, if/once I do get more creatively active, I would want to focus on my own music.

Mixes remain my most dependable pet-project. I have several ideas for these leftover from my more active days, and I’d still love to get cracking on them; I just need the mood to strike me.

I hope that this blog brought you some interesting discoveries or listening pleasure over these years, for it’s many flaws. I’ll call this time a hiatus, but posts will happen when they happen.


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