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Teebs (real name Mtendere Mandowa) may be one of the most exciting producers to emerge from the ‘wonky’ scene. Some critics dismiss him as a mere ‘student of Flying Lotus’, but his music sounds steeped in earth and nature much more than in space, for example. Mere comparisons doesn’t do his unique sound justice.

What I love is the way Teebs approaches a song like one of his own paintings (which make up the cover art for his releases); he blends all kinds of shades together into a coherent result, from harp to piano to windchimes, effects and mallets. There’s this immediate flourish to the end product that’s so hard to pick apart. I’m reminded of fountains, antiques, rain, ponds, arbors, birds, you name it; the imagery is vague, but always blissful and refreshing. Listening to Teebs is like taking a deep breath and dozing off in some secluded garden during the spring. It amazes me just how well he translates his visual style into the music.

For a long time I couldn’t get into Teebs even if I admired his style. What I later learned was that, for all the links to ‘beat music’, his songs aren’t as much about the rhythm as it is with his peers. The appeal lies much more in texture and setting moods. People like him put a whole new spin on the idea of ‘background music’: it’s all warped through this abstract electronic lens that’s very modern-sounding even now. After all, good ‘subconscious’ listening can be such a cleansing experience, and that’s exactly how I’d describe his music.

Youtube playlist

Like with my Reni Jusis playlist, I intend this as an accessible intro to his music. I’ve also included at least one song from every major release.

In chronological order except for the fan favorite “While You Doooo”

1. While You Doooo (Ardour, 2010)

2. Monterey Park Bells (CD 2009, 2009)

3. Comes To Mind w/ Jackhigh (The Tropics, 2010)

4. Anchor Steam (Los Angeles 6/10 EP, 2010)

5. Long Distance w/ Gaby Hernandez (Ardour, 2010)

6. Verbana Tea w/ Rebekah Raf (Collections 01, 2011)

7. LSP w/ Austin Peralta (Collections 01, 2011)

8. Untitled 5 (Cecilia Tapes Collection, 2012)

9. SOTM (E s t a r a, 2014)

10. Holiday w/ Jonti (E s t a r a, 2014)

11. Sachi’s Chords (E S T Outtakes / Remixes, 2015)


My Other Voice

cropped shusei nagaoka
Image credit: Shusei Nagaoka, 1982.

Listen here

This mix explores vocals that blur the lines between human and machine through their use of vocoder, phasing and similar techniques.

Key themes: robots, androids/cyborgs, human-machine, retro-futurism, sci-fi, neon, technology, human/machine, 1980s, neon, unfeeling v.s. feeling

Track listing:

  1. GIORGIO MORODER – faster than the speed of love
  2. MIRAGE – lady operator
  3. PARALLELS – dry blood
  4. NUN – burn
  5. MARSHEAUX – what a lovely surprise
  6. STEVE HAUSCHILDT – constant reminders
  7. SPARKS – my other voice
  8. RENI JUSIS – w zwolnionym tempie
  9. KLAUS NOMI – i.c.u.r.o.k.
  10. D A V I C I I – skruszone serce 
  11. oOoOO ft. LAURA CLOCK – without your love
  12. KAITLYN AURELIA SMITH – to follow and lead
  13. MARGARET BERGER – robot song
  14. SANTIGOLD – walking in a circle
  15. GAZELLE TWIN – i am shell i am bone
  16. LOREEN – ’71 charger (strings version)
  17. JANELLE MONAE – cybertronic purgatory
  18. EYELINER – homo electronicus
  19. CHIKISS – dusha

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Playlist · Year-end

My favorite songs of 2018, part 2 / 2

less blued png

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To go along with my upcoming list of favorite 2018 releases, here’s part 2 of my favorite 2018 songs! To keep this from getting redundant, you won’t found what was on the first halfway playlist here, but do take a look at that one too if you’re interested in my other picks.

  1. Adonis – Candy Flip
  2. Little Dragon – Lover Chanting
  3. Mariah Carey – GTFO
  4. Reni Jusis – So Far
  5. Mitski – Geyser
  6. NONONO – Hymn
  7. Tess Roby – Beacon
  8. Elysia Crampton – Oscollo
  9. Pastel Ghost – Sakura
  10. George Clanton – Slide
  11. Rina Sawayama – Cherry
  12. Roisin Murphy – The Rumble
  13. Tesla Boy – Compromise
  14. Suiyoubi No Campanella – Matryoshka
  15. RNR – Contemplation
  16. Steve Hauschildt – Syncope
  17. Kimbra – Past Love
  18. Tesla Boy – U
  19. Robyn – Send To Robin Immediately
  20. Empress Of – When I’m With Him
  21. Mitski – Blue Light
  22. Reni Jusis – To Tylko Podroz
  23. Lapalux – Opili
  24. Tess Roby – Borders
  25. Glasser & Roll The Dice – Elevate
  26. Mylene Farmer – Reteneir L’Eau
  27. Karen O + Danger Mouse – Lux Prima
  28. Suiyoubi No Campanella – A Cat Called Yellow
  29. Noname – no name ft. Adam Ness